Reasonable people.
Unreasonable ideas.

Taking on the world needs courage and conviction. It’s no easy task but we’re in this together.

Meet the people hell bent on shaking things up through active strategy, customer experience and digital. Experts in taking the decisive actions that move you forward fast, with purpose, precision and certainty. Skilled in embracing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and answering the what if?

Dennis cover

Dennis Hollingworth

Head of Sales

Emma cover

Emma de Maudave

Head of Partnerships

Greg cover

Greg Bloor

Managing Director

Henry cover

Henry France

Head of Strategy

Sean cover

Sean Lamacraft

Head of Operations

Terry sh

Terri Roberts

Product Manager

Billy cover

Billy Williams

Head of Digital

James cover

James Bloor

Head of Growth

Helen cover

Helen Walters

Head of Marketing

Dave cover

David Spencer

Head of Delivery

Katherine cover

Katherine Lee

Lead Product Manager

Daryl cover

Daryl Cecile

Software Engineer

Rich cover

Richard Lovewell


Nichola cover

Nichola Hudson

Product Designer

Pete cover

Pete Cranston

Lead Software Developer

Anne cover

Anne Bloor

Finance Controller

Lee cover

Lee Conlin

Lead Software Engineer

Matthew cover

Matthew Law

Lead Software Engineer

Careers at distinction

Careers at Distinction

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